This letter is to report our extreme satisfaction with Valentino Citton in reference to his capacity as general contractor in the construction of our residence at 7256 Southview Place, Burnaby.

As this was our first experience in home construction, we were extremely reliant on Mr. Citton's expertise, judgement and counsel during each phase of the construction. At no point did he let us down in this regard. In addition, to being extremely reliable and trustworthy, Mr. Citton oversaw each phase of construction with the care and attention one would only expect from someone building their own residence. He also spent a huge amount of time with us after hours and on weekends to assist and guide us in the interior design of the house. In every case, his suggestions proved to enhance the appearance and comfort of our home.

Mr. Citton's work on this project quickly transcended that of "general contractor" and he became more trusted family friend than contractor. We are most grateful for his generosity and quality of service and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone contemplating his services.


- Hal Klein