My name is Mathew Leung. On July 6, 1990 a building contract was agreed and signed between myself and Cival Construction Company Ltd. A house was built on the site of 7255 Southview Place, Burnaby, BC.  

I am happy to recommend Mr. Valentino Citton of Cival Construction Ltd. He is a man with good attitude, understanding, and honesty. During the construction proceedings, Mr. Citton was always very helpful with any minor adjustments and alterations. He took responsibility to explain and discuss any problems. On completion date, I received the house from Mr. Valentino citton with satisfaction and thankfulness for a job well done.


- Mathew Leung

Dear Valentino:

As I look back over the years which we have worked together, I truly do have pleasant memories. We have not only enjoyed a good working business relationship but a friendship relationship as well. ... We would like to express at this time our thanks and appreciation for the work which you have given us over the years ...


- Chris Land, Land and New Development Company

This is to express our satisfaction, and thankfulness with Mr. Valentino Citton in reference to his capacity as general contractor in the completion of our house at 5488 Elm St. , in Vancouver.

During the period of the construction, Mr. Citton proved to be reliable and trustworthy. He could also be able to visualize the outcome of each phase of the project with attention and details. He also spent a lot of time with us and discussed every aspect that we should have prepared for. Because of his expertise he could easily come out with new ideas in the interior design of the house.

Mr. Citton's efforts and hardworking have been proved, and he now even became one of our family friend with good attitude.

On behalf of Outstar Developments Ltd., we wish him every success in his future endeavour. In the mean time, we would be pleased in recommending him to anyone expecting quality of service in the future.


- Raymond W. Ng on behalf of Outstar Developments Ltd.

We, the David K.W. Chung's Family, appreciate very much the house of address 1520 West 32nd Avenue, Vancouver , B.C., Canada, which you have built for us.

The house is beautiful internally and externally, and you have done a great job. Your responsibility and control of timing appreciate us very much, too. we are confident in your company.

Again, we thank you for your excellent works.


- Mr. & Mrs. Chung, and family

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- Donna Phillips

This letter is to report our extreme satisfaction with Valentino Citton in reference to his capacity as general contractor in the construction of our residence at 7256 Southview Place, Burnaby.

As this was our first experience in home construction, we were extremely reliant on Mr. Citton's expertise, judgement and counsel during each phase of the construction. At no point did he let us down in this regard. In addition, to being extremely reliable and trustworthy, Mr. Citton oversaw each phase of construction with the care and attention one would only expect from someone building their own residence. He also spent a huge amount of time with us after hours and on weekends to assist and guide us in the interior design of the house. In every case, his suggestions proved to enhance the appearance and comfort of our home.

Mr. Citton's work on this project quickly transcended that of "general contractor" and he became more trusted family friend than contractor. We are most grateful for his generosity and quality of service and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone contemplating his services.


- Hal Klein